OUTLET - 12 oz / 350 ml enamel coffee mugs. Variations.

$ 12.42 USD

Upcycle with an enamelware outlet!

Why should we throw out the products that are almost perfect? That has flaws so small, they are almost invisible and add character to this vintage enamelware? Some of you might say – they are even better, original, retro. We say – let’s discount them 30%.

Get creative, have fun, get yourself new herbs pots or stylish containers. Do whatever you will feel like with this dish. Let’s stay eco-friendly together and prevent the unnecessary cluttering of the Earth. Do you have some fun ideas on how to use enamelware?

We are not offering all the damaged enamelware. Only those dishes, we judged as fine to upcycle. 

Here’s what kind of flaws you can expect:

  • Enamel cavity
  • Enamel stains
  • Graphics errors
  • Marks after drying hooks
  • Chipped enamel

You can see all of them in the picture.


MUG 11.8 oz / 350 ml.

Please note, that if the chosen design won't be available, we might ship you a different, similar one. The return is not possible for outlet products. Outlet enamelware is not suitable for contact with food. In case of any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

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